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Renew the wood-paneled walls interior decoration

It often happens that when looking at the walls of a certain atmosphere in the house we noticed that a renovation is needed urgently. We generally tend to think of a refreshing coat of paint and our focus is on the choice of color applied to it.

Well, not to stay with the usual procedure options are really modern and refreshing the application of other materials.

Wood panels for example represent an interesting alternative since the proposed decorative with this material is increasingly expanding.

To take one stop panels are a few considerations to keep in mind are:

  • If the walls are concrete or brick will be a ribbon bow on the panels to be fixed.
  • If the base of our walls is plaster, plywood or solid wood will be sufficient to use glue to attach the panels.
  • If there is plenty of moisture in the wall to cover your first coat the surface with a solution of asphalt or polyethylene sheets if the area that has moisture is not too large.

Having examined the condition of the sector to cover only remains to choose the model and color of the panels, are in relief and low relief with a variety of reasons, whether to leave them with natural wood color or apply one coat of Paint your favorite color.

As is typical of the wood, the incorporation of this element will bring warmth to any environment where it is placed.