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Modern Chairs Design: M’ama non m’ama

While there are many types and pieces of furniture, when choosing my favorites, no doubt, I choose the designer chairs. In all its forms, whether it be models of classic designer chairs, or newer models or avant-garde.

Certainly some chair designs are more striking than others, some give a sense to provide much comfort, and there are cases of models that look uncomfortable but very exotic. Chairs are designed for all tastes, and this time, I want to show a chair which they called “non m’ama M’ama” and it is a creation of the design company of Italian origin, Sand & Birch.

This piece of furniture stands out for its original figure of organic design, which, in profile, can be likened to the shape of the petals of a daisy. The striking shape of the chair M’ama non m’ama is what gives it a modern and attractive character to the piece.

Moreover, in this chair design is interesting throughout its structure, which is made of polished aluminum mirror, which is accompanied by a seat upholstery made in different materials. So, the brilliant and unusual structure of this chair design can be combined with a selection of fabrics to satisfy every desire, and therefore can be adjusted to different styles and types of interiors.

If you have interested in this model of chair, you can get more information on the website of its designers, accessed from here.