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Kids & Pets Picnic in Palermo (Buenos Aires)

The local opening of the Kids & Pets Picnic in Palermo (Buenos Aires), Nordic-style products and a very original color palette, proposes an unprecedented look on the children’s decor and accessories for pets.

Far from the traditional pastel colors currently used for spacing of children, Kids Picnic introduces a completely different concept in children’s decor. Proof of this is the bizarre combination of colors such as chocolate, moss green and black, present in most of their products. All visually appealing combinations, with a distinctly Scandinavian style, which refers to a traditional childhood.

Through the children’s print collection, Picnic Kids seeks to create a new child code in the decor. “Our intention is to generate a stimulus and empathy in children, they can discover in our prints shapes, animals, robots, dinosaurs … find details and assemble stories arousing their curiosity,” highlights the creators of the brand.