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Houses consist of two rectangular prism which intersect

The House consist two rectangular prism intersect

Architecture design of this house has a rectangular prism shape which consists of two parts. Two rectangular-shaped building is the vertical direction intersect, one of which is parallel to the road, while the other perpendicular. With a design house like this, the results get a page that is divided into two broad, partially as a page with white pebbles, and partly into the pool.

The first floor has private and dormitory areas, while the second includes all areas of life as a dining room, gathering room and a rooftop terrace bedrooms. The side of the street, the house has no windows and is completely of stone. The opposite site at the same time, almost everything is made of glass to capture breathtaking views of a park. The house is 487 square meters, is called GDL1 House of Representatives and is designed by BGP Arquitectura.