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House of Twelve: horizontal sequence of multiple spaces

Were the ruins of ancient Rome who inspired this project, those unpredictable warps in the eighteenth century appeared to European travelers of the Grand Tour and fantastic visions. More than the historical original, which still fascinates today is that state of progressive destruction of thousands of years carved into shapes, revealing its dark recesses. So ruin tells us about the passing of time, the beauty that is slowly dying, and his slow decline in this narrative evokes a cross, as if caught between architecture and its ultimate destruction.

“House of Twelve” is a fantastic response to invent a story interrupted, following an empirical way by gradual mutation and contemporary ideas of antiquity, as the subject of intersecting rings or horizontal sequence of multiple spaces and However, concatenated and managed according to a centrifugal expansion, which unifies the work of Frank Lloyd Wright to the villa of Emperor Hadrian in Tivoli. Collisions and juxtapositions, on the other hand – distant echoes of the American Center in Paris by Frank Owen Gehry – feature front and public space of the house, whose curves appear, from the road, to be deeply carved. In addition to restoring the thickness of the facade, these excavations are to be permeable to the winter sun, which comes to light – with a light grade, played by the cavities – the courtyards at the rear. In particular, the space of the room, with its diaphanous golden mosaic dome, the waves of the water areas on the edges and the resulting multiple reflections of light appears from the main courtyard as a baroque “room of light”, here reinvented in urban key.

Location: Kew, Melbourne, Australia
Architects: Antonino Cardillo
Project: 2010
Type: Edificio Residencial / Residential Building
Area: 500 m²
Images: Antonino Cardillo

Via: soloarquitectura.com