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Hojo House by Akira Yoneda / Architecton

Hojo word in Japanese is a unit of measure space (1Jo x 1Jo = 3 square meters). In traditional Japanese architecture, this measure was used as a starting point to build the room for the tea ceremony. This house retrieves the measure to create a Japanese style in a modern urban environment. The house is not just about ensuring optimal quality of life for its inhabitants but also a spiritual quality.

The house is sandwiched between a house and a retaining wall. To avoid feeling overwhelmed which could mean touching the boundary of the planning regulations, the architect envisioned a second skin created from steel tubes. This screen allows you to extend steel tubes inside to outside and vice versa, creating an intimate and ample interior space at a time.

The house has little crystals, only for areas where privacy is absolutely essential as the kitchen. The skin of the facade is shown naked, leaving visible only a steel structure. The bathroom is hidden in the ground floor behind some impenetrable concrete walls. A small annex serves as a bedroom. The house was designed by Akira Yoneda /Architecton.