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Customer service center design, transparent volume curves

Entrance Adm. Building, by Archs. Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas is a transparent volume curves and sinuous forms, conceived as an icon for the Dutch city of Eindhoven.

Adm. Building Entrance is part of a new commercial area next to the square September 18 in Eindhoven. Designed by Massimiliano Fuksas & Doriana is a transparent volume curves and sinuous forms, the building has been designed as an icon for the city, destined to be a focal point of attention for the crowd of passers of the new district.

The full draft of the urban redevelopment area, the most central of Eindhoven, the 18-Septemberplein, was developed by the Italian Massimiliano & Doriana Fuksas. Besides the great central square of 7,000 sqm, the project incluiyó an underground parking for bikes than 2,300 m², a shopping center of 20,000 m² with 6,000 m² for offices, stores devoted to consumer electronics and, as a great icon, the Admirant Entrance Building.

The organic volume has no exterior facade, nor can recognize what the back. It has been built with a structure of steel that hold multiple triangular facets of glass, a structural design work of exceptional quality.
The building houses retail and office space, distributed in a concrete building of 5 floors which has been enveloped by the amorphous structure of glass and steel, completely separate from the interior construction. The shape of the plants is determined by the shape of the outer volume, and internally there are no vertical elements that interrupt visual connections with the exception of the ladder. The dialogue between building envelope and interior structure creates a dynamic and surprising experience highlighted by the sophisticated details of union of the two structures.

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