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Argentina presents Silestone Extreme White Zeus

Redimat S.A. Silestone ® exclusive marketer in Argentina, and incorporated into its product range, this latest innovation from the Cosentino Group.

The R & D and Production Cosentino Group has succeeded in evolving the famous White Zeus that already existed in the range of colors of Silestone ®, leading home the absolute white.

Silestone ®, the world’s leading quartz countertops, on the market as the new color, White Zeus Extreme, an enhanced version of the famous White Zeus that existed in the wide range of colors of the product.

Silestone ® offers new proposals to all lovers of design. Now, after the successful reception of the White Zeus, Zeus White is the new Extreme, positioning it as the whitest white that ever existed in the market for quartz surfaces.

This new color of Silestone ®, like all models of the brand, incorporating antibacterial property.

The maximum safety and hygiene is ensured in all areas of the home thanks to this unique feature worldwide Silestone ® countertops.

Besides the antibacterial property, is a characteristic of Silestone ®, such as high impact resistance, non-porous surface, stain resistance, low absorption of liquids.

This new material comes to Argentina in two thicknesses: 20 mm and 12 mm.

It will cost $ 430 per square meter and will be available from January 2010. -via-